The Center for Strategic Missions

Our goal is to make Christ known to the  least reached. The world is changing and the need for rethinking missions has never been more important. Reaching the most strategic and least reached peoples of the world is going to take all of us. It is no longer missions from the west to the rest, it’s people from everywhere to everywhere. We need the whole church, bringing the whole gospel, to the whole world. Biblical principles and Christ like people are needed in the each of the seven spheres of societal influence.

  1. Family
  2. Religion / Church
  3. Education
  4. Government
  5. Media
  6. Celebration (Arts, Entertainment, and Sports)
  7. Economics (Business, Science, and Technology

At YWAM Panama Boquete,

“We are called to model and multiply the Kingdom of God in order to transform lives, peoples and nations!”

Model: As a family of Jesus followers, we will model God’s Kingdom in our leadership, relationships, ministries, training programs, business operations, corporate spirituality, art and proclamation through media.

Multiply: We will multiply Kingdom oriented development, & discipleship in every sphere of society.

Transform: Through our example, our acts of compassion, and our multi-faceted proclamation of the Gospel, we will endeavor to be God’s agents of transformation to individuals and communities, people groups and the nations.

About The Chiriqui Highlands:

The province of Chiriqui is located on the south-western border of Panama, next to Costa Rica. It is famous for its mountains, a volcano, trout filled rivers, cool misty rain, cloud forests and its black fertile earth. All of this provides for a perfect environment in which to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables including coffee. Chiriqui offers some of the finest coffee in the world! The culture of this mountainous province is rich. The Chiriquanos are hardworking and friendly. Most are farmers. Within Chiriqui you will find the dwelling place of the Ngobe indigenous group. Thousands of Ngobe live and work throughout the mountains, harvesting coffee and other products. The Ngobe are amongst the poorest indigenous groups in the world! Chiriqui is also world famous as a place to come and retire. Hundreds of Americans and Europeans now call this province home. ​